Rejuvapen is a micro needling treatment which can be used on the face, neck and body. Rejuvapen is a medical grade pen which is also used by dermatologists and doctors at a deeper level.

• improves your overall skin condition by 60-80% (after a course of 3)
• thickens the dermis (deeper layers of your skin) which plumps out wrinkles and scars.
• resurfaces the epidermis which reduces fine lines.
• reduces pigmentation (dark patches on the skin)
• reduces scars by two grades – any scarring including acne, chicken pox, operation and c-section scars.
• reduces stretch marks.
• reduces blackheads.
• increases;
> collagen
> red blood cells
> growth factors
> potassium
> proteins
• a course of three is recommended, each treatment must be at least six weeks apart (it takes 6 weeks for the collagen to become firm).


Skin needs to be prepped with vitamin c and retinol (vitamin a) daily two weeks prior to your first treatment to achieve the best results.

For a limited time only (5 boxes left!!) We are including a box of six medik8 products, which include your retinol and vitamin c. Worth £49!! These are essential for you to achieve the best results.

Single treatment – £150 includes sample sizes of medik8 products.
Course of 3 – £375 includes box of six medik8 products while stocks last!

Payment plans available.

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